Frequently Asked Qustions

Do I need a reservation? 

No, you do not need a reservation, please show up during our days of operation which are posted on our website on the Home Page.

Do I need to wear a face covering?

  • When you are not able to social distance, face masks are required.

  • Social distancing (6' away from people outside your household) may not be practical when you enter or exit the ranches.  

  • When you are able to social distance (6' away or greater from people outside your household), likely when you are picking cherries in the orchard, face masks are not required assuming you maintain social distance standards. 

Is there a fee to enter?

No, there is not a fee to enter. 

Is there a fee to park?

No, there is not a fee to park.

How much are the cherries?  

U-Pick Cherries, are $5.00/lbs. We-Pick Cherries, are $6.00/lbs. We pick, is picked by our harvest crews.

Can we bring our own buckets/bags? 

No, you cannot bring your own buckets/bags per Covid Guidelines. A single use bag will be provided by U Pick Orchards as you enter the orchard. 

Can we bring ladders and or are ladders available?

No, we do not provide ladders and you cannot bring a ladder or any device used to elevate you off the ground into the orchard.