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Per Santa Clara County's Agricultural Commissioner, Joe Deviney, the County’s Shelter in Place Order allows for individuals to leave their residences to work for essential businesses, which include businesses engaged in food cultivation. People who do U-Pick are performing essential labor for the farm and would fall within this allowance. Their purchase of food from the farm is also allowed under the Order’s exemption for food retail. The farms must operate these U-Pick operations in strict adherence to the Order’s social distancing protocol requirements and, to the extent they engage in retail sale of produce or other food products, applicable food facility guidelines.

U Pick Orchards, will will be implementing Social Distancing Guidelines per the CDC and Santa Clara County.


Click HERE to navigate to the CDC's website outlining the measures you can take to protect yourself. Click HERE to review Santa Clara County's Health Officer Order. Please practice common sense and implement the guidelines our government has recommended while enjoying the orchard.   





  • Avoid entering facility if they have a cough or fever.

  • Maintain a minimum six foot distance from one another. 

  • Sneeze and cough into a cloth or tissue or, if not available, into ones's elbow.

  • Do not shake hands or engage in any unnecessary physical contact.

  • Social Distancing:

    • When you are not able to social distance, face masks are required.

    • Social distancing (6' away from people outside your household) may not be practical when you enter or exit the ranches.  

    • When you are able to social distance (6' away or greater from people outside your household), likely when you are picking cherries in the orchard, face masks are not required assuming you maintain social distance standards. 



In addition to the recommendations provided by the CDC and County of Santa Clara, U Pick Orchards will implement the following protocols

  • We will establish and maintain a maximum number of customers that can be accommodated in the picking and purchasing areas while allowing for appropriate social distancing. 

  • Employees will be provided appropriate Personal Protection Equipment including face masks. 

  • Hand-washing stations will be provided for customers and employees. 

  • Single-Use bags will be provided for picking cherries. 

  • No bags, ice chests, food and pets will be allowed in the orchard. 

  • Lines, for checking in and out will have markers located 6' apart to aid in alerting you to the social distancing requirements. 

U Pick Orchards additional protocols outlined above, may be amended from time to time. 

Please expect longer wait times due to the protocols being implemented to ensure appropriate social distancing. 

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